STORY: Everything changed after that night.

Everything changed after that night. I used to be like everybody else, like any other young man living in a big city. I used to worry about the bills, the girls that don’t text back, the team that never wins a fucking game, and many other things everybody struggles with. I am still that guy? Not really, but I am not doing so different as I may thing I am.

It was the last winter when it happened. I had been fighting with my ex-girlfriend by text messages for hours that day and went straight to the bar after work with my mates, like any other guy would have done. I was a mess, but I really believed I was cool and did all to pretend I was. I was wearing an overpriced shirt, skinny pants and had the haircut I thought attract more women or Mens’Health said it did; what a fucking looser I was.  The truth was, that I was always trying too hard, while dealing with my anxiety, and the best way to do it was getting drunk every time I was out. I was lonely, felt disconnected, and probably upset that the blonde bought I drink wasn’t willing to home with me that night. I walked out, it was foggy and my body was shaking from the cold. I managed to find the closest metro station in my gps, but by the time I was at the entrance the last train was already gone.

I sat at the station, the alcohol was settling down. The next train was coming in 3 hours; it was a weekday. Everything was so typical, and the few other people in the station were only weirdos. If I walked under the shitty weather, it was only 45 minutes if I crossed two parks which by the hour were infested by junkies, gypsies, hobos and all the midnight weirdos that populate the urban jungle. I was tired and was supposed to be at the office early the next morning, I started walking. How was I supposed to know my immature decisions would have turned me in the person I am today? It bugs me, but it was what it was.

As I walked through the street, snow started to cover my coat making my trail more shameful. Was it that all I could get? Where were the bottles of champagne and the nice ride? Where were my cool friends? I was just a simple guy and as any other simple guy I was supposed to accept the reality of life. Settle down, upload pictures of my 3-week vacation in a beach and hoping my friend’s think I am doing cool stuff. Walking in drunk in a snowy night with an empty wallet was not a memorable moment for social media. I knew it and every meter I walked felt as miserable as the homeless guys sleeping in the tents at the park. My hands were frozen and my stomach was craving for food. The park was dirty and I remembered why I never go across it, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. If somebody tried to rob me, I had absolutely nothing to give him. There was trash everywhere and the plants were winter dead. I ignored my surroundings and kept on going, my apartment was no more than a 10 minutes’ walk from the park and I had frozen pizza in the fridge.

I looked down the light snow layer over the walk path, something seemed weird. There were ripped clothes and a bunch of foot marks, all seemed to happen recently as it was not yet covered by the snow. I took off my headphones and started to look around my track.  Everything was silent, I could only hear the wind touching the bushes. I started to walk faster as I went paranoid. It felt somebody was watching me from the bushes, but I was not able to see anybody. By this hour, the park was full of weirdos and I tried to calm down. It is probably some junkies getting high? Or maybe they were planning to rob me? Rob me of what? My coat? I asked myself these questions while nervously wandered through the park.

I started to walk faster as more and more I felt vulnerable, but there was nothing to see in the darkness. My chest felt it was about to explode from the adrenaline despite the absence of any danger. Am I going crazy? I giggled nervously as I finally made it to the closest light pole. The street was just a couple of meters away and it wasn’t snowing anymore. What an idiot you are! I smiled and keep walking.

It was 3:13 a.m.; it wasn’t that early neither that late. I remember that the snowing stopped and, as I turned around to see my trail, all happened in just a blink of an eye. It (now I know maybe it was him , but I prefer to believe that before she changed it was a hot brunette with green eyes to make it sexier and less freaky) jumped to me. I don’t remember its face, since I started to run for my life, like the pussy I was. It wasn’t noisy, it was just fast and the only thing I could see was its yellow eyes and its terrifying size. It was playing with me, it could have killed me in an instant, but I guess it was trying to have some fun with my pathetic ass and it pushed a couple of times and I felt to the snow. I was like those seals which the killer whales play before eating them in those national geographic documentaries. I screamed for help, but it was 3 a.m. in a weekday and it was snowing; of course, nobody was going to notice. It was getting annoyed that I was such a cry baby. Probably because I started praying for my life and crying, it was miserable. It looked at me and made a sound, a one I don’t forget, like if it was telling me to shut the fuck off and let it end my miserable existence. I tried to make a run for my life, but it pounced on me. I grabbed my cellphone and started hitting it with it, a pretty lame idea, but I managed to hit it in the eyes. It started to get mad; I was able to see it. It knocked me to the ground and when it was about to put its teeth in my throat I managed to stop her with my arms, still she bites me many times on them. It was the moment I lost it. Was I going to die like this? All because I missed my train drunk? Is this all I accomplished? To get killed by a rabid animal? No fucking way.

My coat soaked in blood from the bites in my arms. I pushed it away with the energy I had left and once again tried to make a run for it. I reached the end of the park, however I could felt her tracking me. I walked between the cars parked over the street and keep going forward, yet I had no idea where I could reach safety.

Then a miracle happened and I never been so thankful for the weirdos in my city. A guy was about to get his dog out for a shit and as he opened the door to let the little dog out I pushed the door and rushed in. The guy of course panicked, because his dog was loose out.

What the fuck are you doing? – he said while pushing me. He tried to open the door, but I wasn’t letting him. – Don’t even think of it, there is a fucking MONSTER outside. – I hold on the door and kicked him away. The dog was outside the door barking like the typical hyperactive little dog it was. What is wrong with you man? Are you on something? Fucking weirdo! – He screamed as he tried to push me away from the door. My arm started hurting like hell and that thing was still outside. – Look at my fucking arm dude, that animal almost killed me. I am trying to save both our lives and by the way I am not the one taking my dog out for a walk at 3 am while snowing. You are the weirdo here! – I answered as I waved my arm with the sleeve covered in red. The guy bought it, and didn’t try to push me anymore.  But, what about my dog?! We need to call the police! – He was confused. We both looked at the dog, it was standing outside the door barking and suddenly it was begging to get in. – Okay, okay. let’s get the dog inside, but we need to be careful. – I told him as I looked through the door. The thing was nowhere to be seen and after arguing for a minute more, we decided to open the door. I slowly opened the door until the opening was big enough to the little dog. The stupid dog was not moving after all the scandal. I always thought dogs had a sense for this kind if shit, but maybe pugs are just the stupidest dogs in the planet. The dog finally decided to get in and as it put its paws inside, the thing jumped from nowhere and grabbed it; the dog was fucking gone. WHAT THE FUCK!? Puppy!? – The guy panicked as we both saw how that thing just destroyed the poor dog in a matter of seconds before our eyes.  We closed the door and hold into it, the guy was crying and, to be honest, me too.  The thing started to hit the door with its paws and for the first time I saw it. It was like a huge bear, but slimmer with a wolf like face. It was of a greyish color with or that I saw at that moment, I am pretty sure what is it today.

The guy and me screamed for help and the lights in the corridor started to light as the neighbors started opening the doors. WE ARE GOING TO FUCKING DIE! – The guy screamed while we both put all our effort to hold the door. I heard the door cracking, maybe we were actually going to die. I closed my eyes and hold to the door; my arm was going numb due to the scratch wounds and I had no more energy. As we stand there screaming for our lives, people of the building started to show up. I opened my eyes and the thing was gone. Only some pieces and blood of what looked like the dog were lying in front of the door. My dog! It killed my little dog! – The guy screamed as we looked outside. By the death of a little pug my life was saved.

The police came and we explained what happened, but nobody believed us. They thought we were hallucinating and that we were responsible for what happened. After a night in the hospital, a vaccine for rabies, and stitches, we had to paid for the damages. The guy and me never spoke again, yet I think, in a very weird way, own him my life. With my phone broken, my favorite coat destroyed and with some quite fucked-up scars, I decided to go on with my usual doings. I wasn’t able to explain at that time what happened even when I went to bed I couldn’t get that thing out of my head, still I tried to pretend it never happened and that it will not change anything or so I believed.