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Journal: November, darkness , and snow.

Stockholm, November 2016

The first snowy days of the year were already approaching and the darkness that comes with them. The city not only changed its appearance, but its inhabitants attitude dramatically changed for a more stiff and depressing reaction towards daily life. Complains about the weather, hardly structured routines and unwillingness to be spontaneous were some of the newly injected characteristics into the minds of everyone. The winter, besides being a season of the year, was also a newly discovered mentality for me and it bugged me. Many swedes I met abroad spoke about it, yet I never fully understood it until this point and in a way I was both scared and fascinated how it highly influenced their lives, yet I couldn’t really accept that it will be the same for me.

It was predicted that the record snowstorms were coming to Scandinavia and people asked me if I have seen snow before in my life, as if every single part of Mexico was a paradise like Playa del Carmen. The white cover of the winter slowly started to appear in every roof and street and the temperature dropped with it. The snow flakes became more of a common view from my window, which showed how beautiful and annoying the winter days can be at the same time.

I found myself drinking more, more confused and yet  in a very odd way was fascinated by this new change.  My days passed by as usual and the tiredness also invaded my insides for each day the sunlight diminished.  For every day my routines became full of planned activities in order to avoid being alone in my apartment looking at the window to see the sunset before 4 p.m.


Journal: Independence day

Stockholm, September 16th 2016

It had been 3 weeks since I moved to Stockholm and everything seemed positive around me. I really liked my classes, had a bunch of new friends, got a nice apartment, met a bunch of new girls. Even though my original plans had to change, they weren’t really dependent on me, everything was going in a good direction.

It was a Friday and after speaking with a couple of Mexicans I knew, we decided to have a small party. This time the good tequila, the fireworks and the red, green and white flags would be absent; but we still would found a way to celebrate it with heavy drinking and home made spicy food. People started to show as the party went on with latino beats and heartbroken mariachi songs, which for being 10,000 km away felt a little like home. The party ended a little earlier and I ended up half drunk in a techno club with some people of my class. No paint on my face, no tequila bottle on hand.. but Viva Mexico all the way.

Journal: Who drinks at Björnsträdgården?

Stockholm, October 2016

The trees’ leaves slowly changed from green to yellow-brown gradients and ,at the same time, slowly accumulated in many corners of the city. It wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t really warm and strong winds followed and clothes the people were wearing also changed. Everybody seem to jump to a greyscale combination and so did in a way their faces, with less smiles and one by one the outdoors areas of every single bar and restaurant started to close.

I wasn’t used to such a change of mood due to weather conditions. Back home people will not really change depending on how hot or cold was outside, but this wasn’t home and from the very beginning I applied to come, I knew the closer to the poles you are, the colder the people are too.

By that time I had already made a small group of friends from school. We were a little mix of locals and foreigns who weren’t up to just study the whole time and wanted to live a little our lives outside the typical student venues. We planned to go to a hip terrace at the slaughter district south of the city, since due to weather conditions would be closed soon. A friend and I thought it would be a good idea to have some drinks at a park nearby, the closer to the metro the better. We walked up Götgatan and sat down in a small park called Björnsträdgården. It had concrete stairs to people sit down in front of a nice green area with a playground and a skatepark in the background. Seemed like a pretty normal spot for people to gather!

We contacted our local friends, who were a little confused as why we decided to drink in such a place, but still the agreed to come. We didn’t really understand why they were so confused about that, why should we worry about it. Later on we were bothered by junkies asking for beer, gypsies asking for money, the girls catcalled by young North African migrants and some other weird people walking around. We moved quickly as soon my friends came. That small situation kept me thinking for a while as how in that part of town, which for me seemed to be quite decent turned into such a place as soon as the sun started to go down.

Wasn’t that I really didn’t new my neighborhood as good as I thought, but somehow it made those invisible visible to my eyes as I walked every day to the metro. It somehow gave a depressing vibe to the surroundings, but somehow people ignored it. It was somehow interesting to see how the hip and pretty coexisted with the misfits, like if every time they ran into each other they were in different dimensions and those pretty blondes wearing channel blocked from their reality the gypsy girl asking for money. There were and weren’t there and through the pass of days they became invisible to me to, like their own existence was a glitch and their pain and suffering was just far beyond our world to actually care.

Everybody kept walking with their headphones and their thoughts, everybody passed by without looking and in a metaphysical sense  they were just a shadow of something we know what it is, but at the same time we pretend we don’t know.

Later that year the city invested in a new lighting system to cover the whole area where we sat for the first time. Slowly they weren’t there any more as the community service officers started to appear more often. Their spots were no more and their suffering was retired to somewhere else, somewhere were nobody can see, where it  isn’t unpleasant to the eye and people can concentrate a little more in their instagram notifications and their tinder dates and not in the sound made by some coins in a Pressbyrån coffee cup.


Journal: Student again.

Stockholm, September 2016

They gather us in a big room and they showed us a pretty power point about the possible specializations in our career. All the information in the induction meeting was already online and I already had gone a couple of times over it, since I wasn’t totally sure which path I was going to take. I wasn’t there to wait for answers, but to have a look of the people I would probably would end up sharing 50% of my time the following two years.

The room was a mixture of different cultures, colors and religions. I had always a multicultural mindset, but never really had to share my time with non-westerns and it would be probably opportunity to learn a little bit more about how people actually are in other places and not through the eyes of media.

I got to know a couple of them and made some friends and others not so much, but my time at school turned to be positive in the following months.

Journal: Medis

Stockholm, September 2016

My new apartment was located in my favorite island in the Stockholm Archipelago: Södermalm. Apartment Buildings of the beginning of the 20th century, which with the past of time became the hub of the small hipster coffees, start-ups and exotic restaurants. I stood in one of the windows of the last floor of my building starring at the homogenous black roofs that spread in every direction until they  met  the water of lake Mälaren. My student apartment was completely empty, beside a desk, a bed and the empty white walls which reflected the sunlight; I needed new curtains.

I stared through my window, as I still do now, and looked at the people that walked through Götgatan with no idea that I was looking at them as they, one by one, appeared and disappeared in both directions. And old couple, the hipster looking dude pushing his son’s stroller, the gypsy woman picking cans from the trash, the young kids smoking to be cool, the under-paid foodora couriers. I could stare at them, make stories of their lives in my mind and they will disappear from my site one moment after.

University was starting and my morning ritual will be followed, for the rest of my days in this place, with a walk to the Medborgplatsen Metro Station or as the locals called: Medis. From now on I began telling the people I lived near medis which , due to the housing crisis in Stockholm , gave me some kind of privileged status and made ten times easier to convince a girl to go back home with me after the club. I was in love with Södermalm; with Stockholm. I got to finally be a anonymous in a city where nobody really knew who I was or even cared.  Every time I had the chance, I would explore every inch of the island. Every little graffiti bar or café. I ran along the water by day and partied hard during the night at Trädgården.  I walked through Slussen through the crows. I smoke pot and drank beer at Skinnarviksberget. I hooked up with a ballet dancer behind Allhelgonakyrkan. I watched the exhibitions at Fotografiska. I left a stencil under Skanstull bridge

I was a restless tiger and Södermalm was my jungle.

Journal: Days at the hostel

Stockholm, August 2016


I landed in Arlanda around midday. It wasn’t a busy flight and there wasn’t really a lot of people at the airport. I took the shuttle bus to the city struggling with all the luggage I had on me. Before leaving, a good friend put me in contact with another Mexican who was also moving to the city and we reached each other. Neither of us had received an apartment yet so we picked a hostel near the central station and agreed to meet there. Two Mexicans form the north with the same name at the same city in the other side of the world,  what were the odds.

I had not felt the jetlag yet and somehow my excitement to finally moving away becoming a reality gave me energies to keep moving the 42 kg which made my life at the moment around the city. The sky was grey and it wasn’t exactly warm, which didn’t really bother us. The hostel was quite central, maybe just a little too hipster. Victor’s room was full, so they put me in a different room with 3 other persons. I went to the room left the bags and took a shower. I came out of the shower room and a beautiful Icelandic girls entered the room with her two brothers.  We had some small talk before I left. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes and was short and quite fit. She wasn’t able to stop looking at me, later on she confessed that I was the first Mexican she saw in real life and I wasn’t neither fat or had a mustache which made me somehow exotic. Like I hadn’t hear that story a thousands times before in Europe.

Victor and me went for a walk around town and agreed to meet some other newly arrived international students for a festival. I knew a Russian girl whit whom I had contact online before arriving was coming and for her pictures I knew she was hot, making the evening a little more exiting. The festival turned up to be great and we ended up watching Caravan Palace play during the evening. The other students showed up lat and the Russian girl was less friendly and less good looking in person, so I didn’t really bothered to push something.

On the way back to the hostel ,as we crossed Sergelstorg, I came to the realization that what I planned actually was being a reality and that all the time waiting for a change, waiting for something to happen, hopping to try something else besides the usual ; everything was happening at that moment. That every step I walked through Drottningatan made it clearer that my road and plans were consolidating themselves by the mere fact that I was able to walk on this street. I felt I could do it all, that nothing would stop me for moving forward and reaching my goals. Hell, I even thought I could get my ex back.

We went back into the hostel and decided to have a couple of drinks, nobody at the hostels bar seemed really interesting so we called it a night. Back in my room, I managed to make out with the Icelandic girl since her brothers went out and she stayed back. My jetlag was kicking in and she didn’t wanted to have sex and I didn’t push. I moved to my bed and passed out almost immediately. Victor and me spent the  rest of the days at the hostel wondering the city while I made out with the Icelandic girl every time her brothers were away at night. However, we never past third base.

Not long after,  I crashed a swedish friends place for a couple of days more until I got the keys to my own apartment and  I officially became an inhabitant of Stockholm.

An Express Touristic Guide to Stockholm + Top Scenic views

As many European cities, Stockholm attracts hundreds of tourists every year and there are tons of things that people and sites tell you to do. For my point of view Stockholm is not as touristic as other european capitals, nevertheless there are a couple of things worth a visit or if you want that cool photo to put it in your social media. This lists will point them:

  1. Gamla stan: Or old town, is one of the oldest well preserved medieval cities in Europe. Full of small streets and alleys, feels like going back in time.  During the summer or the winter, this city is the main attraction in Stockholm. Is full of restaurants, giftshops, and bars.

Gamla Stan

2. The Royal Palace: It is the official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden, with over 600 rooms. You can visit the inside as well some of the lower leves, which contain several museums. My personal favorite: The Armory, which contains clothing,weapons ,and armors from the wars the swedish kings waved in the past. You can try a medieval armor for fun too.


An aerial view of the Royal Palace.

This two attractions are located in the island of Stadsholmen. Easy access by the subway in the station of Gamla Stan. In this island you can also find some churches, the Alfred Novel Museum and the Swedish Parliament. If you are interested in those you can take a peak, but as this is express, I think you are good without them.

3. Skansen: It is considered the first open-air museum. It is supposed to show the way of life of different parts of Sweden by its architecture. At the same time it is a zoo with different animals which habit Scandinavia.


4. Vasa Museum: It contains the Vasa chip which capsized in the bay of Stockholm in 1633. It was salvaged in the 60’s. It is the only well preserved 17th century warship. It is 69m and was armed with 64 cannons. Worth a visit, it is considered the most visited museum in Scandinavia.


5.  Stockholm’s city Hall: The city’s symbol and the place were the Nobel Prize Ceremony is carried out. Worth a photo for your instagram.


Pretty huh?

Other honorable mentions are: The photography museum and the museum of modern art. And if you are a hardcore fan, probably the ABBA museum.

For the best views of the city and totally for free I’ll recommend the next spots. 

Get down in Slussen and walk to this point, it is easy to spot.

You will get this:


Instamoment Bitch

For another good spot, and if you are rolling with a girl/guy to open a bottle of wine. Get down in Mariatorget and walk to this place.

It looks like this.


First base granted my friend.

There are so more places to go, but with this bunch you can pretty much say that you saw Stockholm touristic side. Enjoy your time around and please don’t use a lot of selfie sticks!

Hallå Sverige!

After spending a lot of time in my corporate job, I decided to change the way my life was going and look for a different career path. No, I am not talking about leaving my life and travel as a hippie bump around third world countries like a lot of folks do. I decided to go “green” in my career  and moved to the other side of the world for studies and that is how I ended up moving to Stockholm.

Why Sweden? I used to have a fascination for Scandinavian culture when I was a young kid, reading about the cold north and its vikings, but that wouldn’t be a good excuse as the modern swede is usually a leftist, politically correct modern man quite different of its ancestors. Sweden is considered the leader in green technologies; as for environmental engineering is one of the best countries in Europe for a degree, the quality of life is high, and the work benefits huge, …and why not say it open; Swedish women are famously consider to be beautiful.  I packed my clothes, my game ,and my passport; took the plane to the land of Alfred Nobel, Abba and the one Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

I  was in the other side of the world again; this time older and with a different perspective of  life; for those reasons I decided to start again here in this corner of the internet.


Stockholm view form Södermalm Island