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An Express Touristic Guide to Stockholm + Top Scenic views

As many European cities, Stockholm attracts hundreds of tourists every year and there are tons of things that people and sites tell you to do. For my point of view Stockholm is not as touristic as other european capitals, nevertheless there are a couple of things worth a visit or if you want that cool photo to put it in your social media. This lists will point them:

  1. Gamla stan: Or old town, is one of the oldest well preserved medieval cities in Europe. Full of small streets and alleys, feels like going back in time.  During the summer or the winter, this city is the main attraction in Stockholm. Is full of restaurants, giftshops, and bars.

Gamla Stan

2. The Royal Palace: It is the official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden, with over 600 rooms. You can visit the inside as well some of the lower leves, which contain several museums. My personal favorite: The Armory, which contains clothing,weapons ,and armors from the wars the swedish kings waved in the past. You can try a medieval armor for fun too.


An aerial view of the Royal Palace.

This two attractions are located in the island of Stadsholmen. Easy access by the subway in the station of Gamla Stan. In this island you can also find some churches, the Alfred Novel Museum and the Swedish Parliament. If you are interested in those you can take a peak, but as this is express, I think you are good without them.

3. Skansen: It is considered the first open-air museum. It is supposed to show the way of life of different parts of Sweden by its architecture. At the same time it is a zoo with different animals which habit Scandinavia.


4. Vasa Museum: It contains the Vasa chip which capsized in the bay of Stockholm in 1633. It was salvaged in the 60’s. It is the only well preserved 17th century warship. It is 69m and was armed with 64 cannons. Worth a visit, it is considered the most visited museum in Scandinavia.


5.  Stockholm’s city Hall: The city’s symbol and the place were the Nobel Prize Ceremony is carried out. Worth a photo for your instagram.


Pretty huh?

Other honorable mentions are: The photography museum and the museum of modern art. And if you are a hardcore fan, probably the ABBA museum.

For the best views of the city and totally for free I’ll recommend the next spots. 

Get down in Slussen and walk to this point, it is easy to spot.

You will get this:


Instamoment Bitch

For another good spot, and if you are rolling with a girl/guy to open a bottle of wine. Get down in Mariatorget and walk to this place.

It looks like this.


First base granted my friend.

There are so more places to go, but with this bunch you can pretty much say that you saw Stockholm touristic side. Enjoy your time around and please don’t use a lot of selfie sticks!


Hallå Sverige!

After spending a lot of time in my corporate job, I decided to change the way my life was going and look for a different career path. No, I am not talking about leaving my life and travel as a hippie bump around third world countries like a lot of folks do. I decided to go “green” in my career  and moved to the other side of the world for studies and that is how I ended up moving to Stockholm.

Why Sweden? I used to have a fascination for Scandinavian culture when I was a young kid, reading about the cold north and its vikings, but that wouldn’t be a good excuse as the modern swede is usually a leftist, politically correct modern man quite different of its ancestors. Sweden is considered the leader in green technologies; as for environmental engineering is one of the best countries in Europe for a degree, the quality of life is high, and the work benefits huge, …and why not say it open; Swedish women are famously consider to be beautiful.  I packed my clothes, my game ,and my passport; took the plane to the land of Alfred Nobel, Abba and the one Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

I  was in the other side of the world again; this time older and with a different perspective of  life; for those reasons I decided to start again here in this corner of the internet.


Stockholm view form Södermalm Island