Remnants of our world.

I can’t can explain if we can say this is the end of our time, as we all hope beyond the seas there are still somewhere that stands as everything used to stand. It is hard to say that civilization totally disappeared , because I want to consider that whatever thing we manage to sustain still holds similarities about our past.  We struggle to survive, nevertheless we keep track of time and me with my spare few time decided to record all the events we are going through. Without time there is no, without history, there is no civilization.

When I was still young, before all that happened, the information overwhelmed us. We had everything and with our phones and computers we are able to record everything; plus we could choose what to know and what not to. Do you want to know about science? Click here! Do you want to know about what the Kardashians did last weekend? Click here! Do you want to know about the war in the Middle East? Click here! Do you want to know more about that hot girl in your classroom? Click here!

I regret all the the time I wasted watching videos of people doing stupid things instead of learning how to threat a wound or repair a radio. Everything was there in the infinite piles of information spread around the servers. We were spoiled and choose to spend our free time watching photos of food, reading about which zodiac signs were compatible with ours. If I just had known, maybe I wouldn’t have enlisted. If I had known maybe I could help more when I was back. If I had know maybe we will be more.

It was too late, I should worry about today. Anyway, I will keep a track of all, as maybe nobody does anymore. It could be a future and they will like to know what happened to learn from our mistakes, at we tried to learn from the ones of our ancestors. I don’t think we could avoid it all. The sickness was inevitable, but the war could have been.

We wondered in the outskirts of a city, scavenging anything useful we could have.  It remind me of my patrolling when I was deployed, but I was more scared back then; I had something to loose. I am not sure about it now. We all knew inside the city there were more chances of finding more of what we needed, but we weren’t that desperate. The risks of infection were high and we hadn’t protection. We travelled light and kept our distance and that is why we were alive.

The more time passed, the more I read and the more I read, the more books I hunted for. My companions found that silly at the beginning, as our bags should supposed to be full of useful things, but as we wondered through the wasteland all of us agreed with time that information was our biggest weapon to survive. We read about all we could find, to learn, to improve, but I would say that also for keeping us sane. Everything around us changed and those who we knew died. There was no instagram to share the landscaped we encountered our facebook to stalk those we saw. The things we did and the people we know were lost together with those servers and with them the splendor of our world.

Could we overcome what was in front of us? Could we stop wondering? I had no answers. What I do know, we grew close to those around us. Even in the pain and suffering we encountered, we saw each other through our own selves and not pretentious profiles or social mask based on what was wrong our right. There were no strains right now and we all showed our true colors, yet it doesn’t imply they were all good. Those evil and corrupt still wondered as we do.

The sickness that appeared wasn’t something new. Many perished in the past due to different kinds of them . The black death chose without discrimination its victims as this virus do. The CEO’s and homeless danced together with death , the same way the Nobles and the peasants did centuries before. The difference, in my opinion, is they knew less and their fear spread , mouth to moth, slower than those viral videos on the internet I saw when it began. The exponential panic and chaos generated from it destroyed everything, including people’s minds. I don’t necessarily think the virus killed everybody, their own fear of death doomed many even before any signs of infection in their bodies. The war didn’t ended because somebody won, it ended because the virus overthrew those in power. Death had always been the true ruler, but grew tired of others making its job as it did many times before. It waited silent and let our own humanity spin the wheel of life, until it got bored and decided to do it on its own.

I don’t fear it as I did when I dig the graves of those infected. It spared me, to see all of it, to reach the point when all the screams became silent, to see when the lights went off. In return for its favor I am

recording  this, so those in the future can understand what it did, so they learn that they aren’t bigger than it and that any power in this world can help you cheat it and they can live plentiful lives and enjoying their time together before it decides to take it away. As I look from the outskirts of the city into its remnants, I don’t see its face. The trees grew higher, the birds sang and even though I was well aware the infection still wondered to streets, the silence was not there anymore. The birds sang, the winds made the plants dance and the stars shinned freely during the night without any light to

stop them . I don’t think death cared about us, as we and the perception of our time were insignificant to it, as life for it was something which will flourish with it along the way existence.

As we left that moment in our car through the empty highway to our shelter. I knew deep in my heart that this wasn’t an end but a new chance to a new beginning. Together, without any of those things that distanced us from each other as they succumbed together with those we left behind.