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Month: January, 2017

Story: Something in this night. Part 1

It was dark as I looked from my window. The people kept moving and the cars were noisy. I scrolled through my social media: dinners, afterworks, friends, family, cats, political statements, and publicity. My phone kept ringing, my group chats flooded with notifications. I sat in front of my computer, frozen, silent, wondering about the night to come,   wondering about what is gonna happen. I grew anxious, as any other weekend night.

It has been been two weeks since I had sex, its  been thirteen weeks since I left home, its been 730 days since the last time I felt in love. It was 3 hours before midnight, my lips were dry, and my head feel like it was about to explode. I left, in a haste. I walked outside, it was cold. What I am going to do?  What I am expecting? I asked myself. I walked down Götgatan, crossing the junkies getting drunk.  I passed two hipster girls who looked at me and smile. My cheeks were freezing, my mind was lost, and my anxiety started to settle down as I walked down to the subway station.

What is going to be? Is it going to be another night? Is it going to be nothing? Like every other night, like every fucking time? I rushed into the trains as the doors were about to close. I saw myself at the reflection in the window as the train went into the darkness of the tunnel. What is this night unless I do something?

I turned around, my phone rang again: My friends wanted to meet and I had to pretend that I am having a great time; like any other fucking night. I fixed my hair in the windows reflection just before the train stopped. Or maybe something will happen?  Is it gonna be different to any other place or any other time? I resisted my thoughts and walked outside, fast. It started snowing as I walked through the street, my lips were dry.

I arrived to the place. I met my friends. The music was loud and I grew thirsty. I trembled, a cold sensation ran through my back, and my hands felt warm.

As I walked through the crowd, my senses felt sharper. Could maybe something happen or is it going to be just boring? I walked outside and lighted a cigarette.

The dark cloudy sky cleared out as I stood in the smoking area.

Is it full moon tonight? – A brunette with blue eyes asked me while approaching me.

It is gonna be something, I guess – I answered as I smiled and the moon shined through my contact lenses.

What do you mean? – asked the brunette confused as I stood facing here.

That it is not going to be like any other night – I answered. – Do you want to have a drink? It is on me – I said, as I started to walk inside.

Mmm.. sure, why not? – She told me as she walked next to me back inside.

In other news:  A middle-aged woman was found dead near the bridge in the middle of djurgarden. The police stated the probable cause of death may be of blood loss due to injuries suffered by an attack of a wild animal, most likely a wolf. The process of identifying the victim is underway as the injuries made harder for recognition, a forensic dental examination may be needed; stated the police department in their twitter account . Animal Control authorities have been notified and the visitors of the park have been warned of wild animals during the nigh inside the park premises.

Spooky? Hope you enjoy it, its been a while I don’t try creating stories. Back in the track.


Expat limbo in Stockholm.


Expats hanging out with expats.As always


Many of us decided,  by several and different reasons, to move to Stockholm. A new city, new people, new job/studies, new colleagues, and, for those single, new chances to fall in love or at least get laid.

After spending 6 months in Stockholm and making new friends, learning swedish, and understanding the swedish social dynamics; I realised many expats don’t really hang out with swedish people at all and they end up dating/banging each other for the same reasons. Is it a language barrier? Everybody in Sweden speaks well the english language. Cultural differences? Well, you aren’t just changing to a new neighbourhood, you did it to a new fucking country; you were expecting them.  Then, why is so difficult for expats to connect to the swedes? I’ll try to explain based on my own experience

1. There is simply too many internationals and internationals activities. You are new in town, you don’t have a lot of friends, and you see an event on facebook about “welcome to Stockholm-whatever-party”. Of course you will take your ass there right? But swedes don’t go to those kind of events, so you met new expats, and start hanging out with them. One moment and realize that you don’t really have close swedish friends, I  heard that story too many times now. Expats communities are big and it is very comfortable to speak english/your own language.

2. It requires effort to get into a swedish social circle. I don’t think its easy in any country to enter a social circle of people whom have known each other for a while and specially  if you don’t speak the native tongue. Don’t get me wrong, swedish people are friendly, nevertheless to actually start hanging out with them you need to push a little at the beginning; specially in Stockholm. Many expats don’t really do that. As an international student in my class I see it all the time. The swedes do something during the lunch and the internationals other thing, but it isn’t really hard just to ask them to have lunch together right?  It doesn’t happen, don’t ask me why.

The consequences: 

You will never actually understand swedish society and you will never will be able to improve your swedish speaking skills. If you are a student your networking in Sweden will probably been non-existing or very limited for building a career in Sweden. Worst of all you will probably get to date a sweden, yeah for some people is that critical haha.

 What can you do about it?

Try to get closer to the swedish people in your work/classes. They will probably will not start, but they will most likely respond.

Learn swedish. Make a little effort, it will change everything for the better.

Avoid expats/erasmus whatever parties.  There are a lot of better things to do and a lot of parties you can actually attend, just make your research. I am not saying stay away from them totally, but be aware that there are many other things to do.



An Express Touristic Guide to Stockholm + Top Scenic views

As many European cities, Stockholm attracts hundreds of tourists every year and there are tons of things that people and sites tell you to do. For my point of view Stockholm is not as touristic as other european capitals, nevertheless there are a couple of things worth a visit or if you want that cool photo to put it in your social media. This lists will point them:

  1. Gamla stan: Or old town, is one of the oldest well preserved medieval cities in Europe. Full of small streets and alleys, feels like going back in time.  During the summer or the winter, this city is the main attraction in Stockholm. Is full of restaurants, giftshops, and bars.

Gamla Stan

2. The Royal Palace: It is the official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden, with over 600 rooms. You can visit the inside as well some of the lower leves, which contain several museums. My personal favorite: The Armory, which contains clothing,weapons ,and armors from the wars the swedish kings waved in the past. You can try a medieval armor for fun too.


An aerial view of the Royal Palace.

This two attractions are located in the island of Stadsholmen. Easy access by the subway in the station of Gamla Stan. In this island you can also find some churches, the Alfred Novel Museum and the Swedish Parliament. If you are interested in those you can take a peak, but as this is express, I think you are good without them.

3. Skansen: It is considered the first open-air museum. It is supposed to show the way of life of different parts of Sweden by its architecture. At the same time it is a zoo with different animals which habit Scandinavia.


4. Vasa Museum: It contains the Vasa chip which capsized in the bay of Stockholm in 1633. It was salvaged in the 60’s. It is the only well preserved 17th century warship. It is 69m and was armed with 64 cannons. Worth a visit, it is considered the most visited museum in Scandinavia.


5.  Stockholm’s city Hall: The city’s symbol and the place were the Nobel Prize Ceremony is carried out. Worth a photo for your instagram.


Pretty huh?

Other honorable mentions are: The photography museum and the museum of modern art. And if you are a hardcore fan, probably the ABBA museum.

For the best views of the city and totally for free I’ll recommend the next spots. 

Get down in Slussen and walk to this point, it is easy to spot.

You will get this:


Instamoment Bitch

For another good spot, and if you are rolling with a girl/guy to open a bottle of wine. Get down in Mariatorget and walk to this place.

It looks like this.


First base granted my friend.

There are so more places to go, but with this bunch you can pretty much say that you saw Stockholm touristic side. Enjoy your time around and please don’t use a lot of selfie sticks!